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Tango Bliss

Occasionally, in an unpredictable and uncontrollable way, the tango connection provokes a state of bliss, a sublime sensation of floating, and the experience of merging with one's partner, as well as with the music and the environment. It gives the impression of being transported out of oneself and the real world. It can provoke intense feelings. Loaded with existential meaning this experience becomes anchored in memory, remaining unforgettable.


Practicing Somatic Movement Education helps increase sensitivity to self and other, which can promote experiencing tango bliss.

Somatic Movement Education


Somatic Movement Education is a field within bodywork and movement studies which emphasizes internal body perception and experience. It unfolds through slow, guided explorations of mindful movement, using visualization, embodiment and touch. Gains in awareness of inner body&mind processes can:

  • Help feel more physically grounded for better balance;

  • Progress toward your ideal body alignment;

  • Find new levels of ease and comfort in moving and breathing;

  • Uncover new sensations;

  • Support emotional regulation;

  • Encourage self-care.

Somatic Movement Education requires no previous experience, only an open and curious mind. 

What can happen in a class

Classes will start with learning about anatomy of the body, using video, or images in anatomical books. We might become playful! lay on the floor or stand, be still or improvise movement. There will be solo work, and partner work if that’s comfortable for you.

No previous experience in somatic movement or in dance is required.

Tango Somatix

Tango Somatix is the practice of somatic education to further improve one's tango dancing. To practice Tango Somatix is to enter into the learning of tango through an alternative door, which does not consist of learning steps and figures, but rather of becoming familiar with the depths from which movement is born. 


With time and practice, this is what may happen as you explore tango somatically: 

  • An increased awareness of how your body moves; 

  • Heightened sensitivity, for yourself and your partner; 

  • Better clarity around your axis;

  • The discovery of new levels of ease and comfort in your tango body; 

  • The refinement of your body language, non-verbal communication with the other becoming more precise; 

  • The arising of a new freedom in your dance expression;

  • Getting "out of your head" so that pleasure becomes more easily accessible, especially the pleasure of co-creating movement with another person;

  • Easier access to a meaningful tango connection, increasing the odds of experiencing tango bliss!


Body-Mind Centering®

“Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®) is an ongoing, experiential journey into the alive and changing territory of the body. The explorer is the mind – our thoughts, feeling, energy, soul and spirit. Thought this journey we are led to an understanding of how the mind is expressed thought the body in movement.

Our body moves as our mind moves. The qualities of any movement are a manifestation of how mind is expressing through the body at the moment. Changes in movement qualities indicate that the mind has shifted focus in the body. Conversely, when we direct the mind or attention to different areas of the body and initiate movement from those areas, we change the quality of our movement. So we find that movement can be a way to observe the expression of mind through the body, and it can also be a way to affect changes in the body-mind relationship." This is an excerpt from an article in a book by Bonnie Bainbridge "Sensing, Feeling, and Action". Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (OT, RSMT, RSME) is the founder of the BMC® somatic method.


Isabelle Oppenheim


Isabelle finds meaning to her life by immersing herself in the study of movement. She spent the last few years completing a master's in dance at UQAM. In parallel to her university career, she has been progressing toward becoming certified as a Somatic Movement Educator in Body-Mind Centering ®. This call to self-awareness through movement begins with her passion for Argentine tango, which is at the center of her research. Isabelle is particularly interested in how increased body-awareness can deepen the experience of connecting with another through dance.Isabelle has been part of the Ottawa tango community since 2009.

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