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PC: Andre Gagne

Somatic Movement
& Tango Connection

"Movement is the doorway into the body-mind relationship" (Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen)

Why Practice Somatic Movement Education

Learn more about your own body, no matter your age!
Feel more alive and present
in your body
Find new levels of ease and comfort
Uncover new sensations

Discover new levels of connection with your dance partners

No previous experience in somatic movement or in dance is required.

Mindful Movement Series

The word "soma" comes from the Greeks and means "living body", addressing body-mind-spirit as a whole. Somatic education is both art and science. It is a type of bodywork that focuses on the internal perceptions of the body. It unfolds through slow, guided explorations of mindful movement, at the intersection of health, self-regulation, consciousness, and self-transformation. These gentle explorations are suitable for participants of any age or movement background. They are for anyone with a body!

Mondays, Apr 8 - May13
7 - 9 pm

The Old Town Hall @ 61 Main St., Ottawa 

Click here to sign up with the Community Activities Group (CAG) of Old Ottawa East

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Tango Somatix Workshops.

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Stay tuned for
Tango Somatix

Coming in May...

PC: Photographs by Summer 


A laboratory for giving and receiving 


Exploring Touch Labs

Inspired by Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent, guided experiments will be to touch another person's hand for 3 minutes at a time, and then discuss. 

When and Where

We will keep you posted on the details when the time comes :)


Marlene Neufeld (MSW, RSW) and Bob Neufeld (M.Ed.) are relationship teachers/facilitators and body-centered therapists. They are committed to helping others learn life-changing relationship skills. They bring a sense of wonder, curiosity, play, and fun to any topic. 


Isabelle Oppenheim is interested in how increased body-awareness can deepen self awareness, and a sense of connection with others. Isabelle Oppenheim has a master's in dance at UQAM and is in the process of becoming certified as a Somatic Movement Educator in Body-Mind Centering ®. 


Private Lessons

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